What is TCH?

Issuing time:2021-09-23 08:38


TCH is a TRC-10 application token based on the TRON blockchain by the Singapore BLACKSTONE TCH FOUNDATION LIMITED foundation. TCH has expanded its familiar protocol and created a token-based economy for the network, bandwidth and commercial resources on the existing TCH network, thus providing a way for the network to capture and share bandwidth and commercial ecological value for participants .

Total circulation: 600,000,000 pieces

Circulation in the secondary market: 1,000,000

Business ecological application incentive 80%

Foundation: 11.8%

Technical team 5%

Marketing promotion 3%

Early contribution 0.2%

TCH is an efficient and secure transaction guarantee mechanism; a digital sharing platform with a high degree of mutual trust; an open and comprehensive ecology with self-driving force; and a value currency based on real industries.

More importantly, as the main medium of the ecosystem, TCH can be used as a payment medium for various products in the business circle, such as application scenarios such as supermarkets and chain stores, and can also be circulated and used with other ecosystems. It can even be circulated and used on a global scale, especially when it comes to international trade settlement, breaking the routine and having higher convenience and efficiency. All of this stems from the strong consensus and underlying technology of the TCH ecosystem.

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